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Drone Aerial Photography and Video Production Services

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Operating Area

We are based in London but do travel around the UK to pilot and operate drones ( UAV ) to obtain stunning photos and video of events and locations.

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Our Team

Who We Are

The Best CAA certified & Insured Drone ( UAV ) Pilot for Aerial Photography and Video Production Services. Hire Us Today.

With hundreds of hours in flight, our unique cinematic approach is solidly rooted in 2 decades of professional experience. Our drone operator has one of the longest held licences. Our studio’s strength lies in our diverse backgrounds in , photography, videography and graphics.

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Carl Fox

Creative Director / Drone Pilot

I’ve held a drone ( UAV ) pilot license since 2015, which is a long time as the industry is so new, before that I had to fly in a helicopter or aeroplane to get aerial photos & video.

I’ve been a photographer & videographer for 20+ years

Drones have revolutionized aerial images, they can get much closer and with the right drone operator can obtain far more dynamic images.

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We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“We had so much fun during the day of our meeting. The project turned out to be a real treasure for us because of your amazing job! I will recommend you to everyone!”

Matt Gilbert

“What I really liked was the quality of the flying, the individual approach and the amazing atmosphere that we had during shooting the footage! Thank you a lot”

Tom Parker

“I appreciate your amazing services and professional staff for all your hard work and creative thinking! It was fun, and I hope to work with you again soon!”

Nicky Johnson

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